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Image from 4chan.org. Like you had to be told.

I was born a ramblin' man...

Ok, no. I was born a woman. But I've heard there are huge advancements being made in the field of gender reassignment each and every day.


Madonna once said, "Everyone is entitled to my opinion." And although I disagree with Madge's stealing-African-babies policy, I do agree that dissemination of thoughts and ideas is a good thing.

And what better tool to use for such a task than the internets?!!

HERE BE THE FORMAT! You can look at existing posts to get the idea, but it breaks down thusly:
Each post should contain 3 "items" of interest.
- Item A: an article/opinion/blog entry, etc. In short, anything from the internet that got you thinking. Post a SHORT QUOTE from the site where you found said information (approx. 100 words). Include a link to the site (use the "a href" HTML tag, please!)
- Item B: an article, etc, that contradicts/further explains/disputes, etc, item A. Again, please provide the source.
- Item C: The punchline. An image (YouTube videos are also acceptable) that makes light of your topic, or serves to drive home the point.

PLEASE KEEP YOUR ENTRIES TO A POLITE LENGTH, AS NOT TO FUDGE UP ANYONE'S F-LIST! Use the lj-cut if you have to. It is your friend.

This is, in general, meant to be a light hearted community. I started it in order to point out silly contradictions in opinions, beliefs and everyday life. Please do not use in_ur_nets as a political platform, soapbox, means to insult or degrade, flamethrower or mood stabilizer. Erm... wait...

DISCLAIMER: All opinions, thoughts, etc, expressed in this community are my those of the original poster. We will do our best to fully source all internet articles, images and other content used. If we've missed anything, please comment to that entry with corrections.

If we offend you, well... oops.

Behold me, pixienymph. I am this community's mod! I'm not going to put up any warnings, really, but I do reserve the right to delete comments, ban members, etc etc etc. You know the drill. But we'll cross those bridges when we come to them, yes?