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F is for Friday fun!


To be unique in a positive way. To be unusual and eye-catching. Having eclective and desired qualities.

Oh wow, those boots are so effie!

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Source: UrbanDictionary.


The Big Effen Bee, by Matt McGinn

He kept bees in the old town of Effen.
An Effen beekeeper was he.
And one day this Effen beekeeper.
Was stung by a big Effen bee.

Now this big Effen beekeeper's wee Effen wife
For the big Effen polis1 she ran.
For there's nobody can sort out a big Effen bee
Like a big Effen polisman can.

The big Effen polisman, he did his nut2!
And he ran down the main Effen street;
In his hand was a big Effen baton,
He had big Effen boots on his feet.

The polis got hold of this big Effen bee
And he twisted the Effen bee's wings,
But this big Effen bee got his own back;
For this big Effen bee had two stings.

Now they're both in the Effen museum,
Where the Effen folk often come see,
The remains of the big Effen polis...
Stung to death by the big Effen bee.

That's the end of that wee Effen story;
'Tis an innocent wee Effen tale.
But if you ever tell it in Effen
You'll end up in the old Effen jail!

1. Polis, polisman -- Police, policeman. Common Scottish slang term.
2. "Did his nut" -- went crazy, went wild. Common British slang phrase.


Image from Botanical.com
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